A gripping suspense novel and psychological thriller.

Two men share the name, John Carter. One is a prominent lawyer, the other a respected sheriff. Lawyer inherited a rare condition from his mother and his grandfather, Sylus Farber.During periods of stress, lawyer Carter experiences memory lapses that can last minutes, hours, as much as a day, and he has no knowledge of what happened. When these lapses occur, his alter ego, Sheriff Carter, existing in a parallel universe emerges. Neither man is aware of the other and their paths never cross. Because in reality, they are one and the same person. At the insistence of his teenage daughter, lawyer Carter gets involved in a case of a teenage girls rape.Sheriff Carter investigates the homicide of two women fleeing abusive husbands As each Carter delves deeper into his respective case, each uncovers dark secrets and horrible deeds aching to be brought to justice. In the end, the question is whether evil will triumph or will justice prevail.The Farber Legacy is a gritty suspense novel and psychological thriller.

“A true mystery, The Farber Legacy by George Encizo leads you through a maze of clues and incidents with the characters. In a very engaging story, you feel what the characters feel and suffer along with them. With plenty of details that provide excellent realism, Encizo portrays the horrors of crime against women that the heroes fight hard to resolve with sensitivity and resources that offer effective results. A full range of character types flesh out the story and keep the action lively. A great read!”  **** Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite.

The Farber Legacy won a gold medal in the 2015 Florida Authors and Publishers President’s Book awards.

THE FARBER LEGACY by George encizo is a fascinating story that explores good and evil. This gripping tale grabs hold of the reader and never lets go! The story is captivating. Most people familiar with great literature are intrigued by the Jekyll and Hyde story and so THE FARBER LEGACY is,therefore, familiar yet still original. the beginning is a bit like a slow burn, but you know right away reading the book will be a good use of your time. suddenly I was sucked in, willingly, to the book. The author writes in a realistic and lively manner. The novel offers a satisfying read. well done!  “Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

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  1. Wow! This was the second book I read by this author. It really captivated me. Can’t wait for his next book. Highly recommend this book.


    1. There are many local Tallahassee and Big Bend Authors. George Encizo is among the best of them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The character development and locations of the big bend in Tallahassee area was thoroughly enjoyable to read. This book read very quickly and it was wonderful reading about local locations and the Big Bend area. The character development was very well developed. It was wonderful reading about my hometown and the surrounding area. This book is well worth reading. I’m so looking forward to your next book. Go ‘Noles!


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