A classic whodunit about greed, fraud, and murder in a small town.

The local banker and his bank manager conspire to cheat the bank customers and prospective investors in a scheme concocted by a con-artist in Atlanta. When the banker’s wife discovers what they’re up to,she takes matters into her hands and commits an act of retaliation that no one would have suspected her capable of. But the suspense doesn’t end there, it continues with murders in various locals by the strangest characters. The local Chief of Police Molly Dickson and her companion, John Porter the former Chief, become deeply involved in solving the crimes. Added to the mix of suspense is a bit of humor between them and Porter’s dog, Old George.

“George Encizo’s Blocker’s Bluff depicts life in a small town and the rumors that can lead to all kinds of situations. The story is easy to read with the twists you would expect from such a novel. The plot moves along at a decent enough pace; the basic ideas are good, the characters are well-developed, and the story is peppered with a few unexpected surprises and lots of blood trails to keep you guessing who did it. The characters are charming, which adds to the story. George Encizo’s Blocker’s Bluff will entertain you if you are a fan of a “whodunit” and will keep you guessing right up until the last page.” ****Julie Hodgson for Readers’ Favorite

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