Eighty-six-year-old Francis Teague hadn’t told anyone about his teenage years during the 1940s in Monticello, Florida. But that all changed when his granddaughter, Erica, a Leon County paramedic convinced him to tell her about them.

What she didn’t expect was that he would reveal secrets he’d never told anyone. Not his parents, not his wife, not Erica’s mother. Some were highly emotional and personal, and some were dark and mysterious including a family secret.

George Encizo does a wonderful job with Broken Trust, making you really question if it didn’t actually take place in real life and isn’t just a work of fiction. The writing style jumps between present time with Erica taking the lead and the 1940s with Francis (Erica’s grandfather) being the narrator as though he were currently living it. The story really gives you a sense of going back in time and actually living it too, while doing a great job of stitching between the two narratives easily, which deserves credit in itself as it can become confusing for readers if not done properly. Broken Trust is well written and completely enthralling, leaving you wanting more even up to the bitter end. Very well done.”  ***** Sierra Edelen for Readers’ Favorite

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