Quail hunting in Central Florida was supposed to be an exciting experience. But lately, for Bo Tatum, the owner of Tatum’s Hunting Resort off Grange Road near Lake Azur, it had been a disaster. Instead of his dogs flushing out birds, they’d been digging up human bodies.

Sheriff JD Pickens and County Medical Examiner, Dr. Marge Davids, were planning a festive holiday season. But their plans were put on hold thanks to Tatum’s discoveries. Undermanned and ill-equipped in a city and county where such things rarely happened, Pickens and Davids will need to muster all the ingenuity they can to solve the mysteries of the bodies, including getting help from an expert in forensic science.

With clues scarce and few leads, Pickens and Davids had to rely on unconventional methods as a last resort. When tempers started to flare during the investigations, Pickens had to use every ounce of patience he could muster to stay calm and in control.

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Sheriff Pickens is looking forward to a family Christmas celebration when in his small town in Central Florida, the bones of a woman are found buried in a field and a crime needs to be solved. They soon find another grave of bones; a family of three. It is an old cold case because all of the bodies have been there for over 20 years. Pickens, his department, the County Medical Examiner, her staff and other experts are soon working overtime to solve this murder. They do not have much experience in this type of investigation but it does not stop them from searching for clues and guilty suspects.

I enjoyed reading Murder on Grange Road. It has suspense, excitement, surprises, and a fast-paced plot; all of the elements of a good murder mystery story. It is a bit of a throwback, in my mind, to the old whodunit kind of book. There are twists and turns, unexpected discoveries that kept me reading with great anticipation. Author George Encizo is a very skillful writer keeping the story exciting and moving at a good pace. I believe that Murder on Grange Road would make a great made for TV movie; I can even picture which stars would be perfect for it. This is a good book for young and old; it has just enough violence to keep you interested but no gory details; no bad language and no sex scenes. If you enjoy mystery/thrillers, then this a good book for you.

***** Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite